International Symposium on Catalysis and Specialty Chemicals 

21-23 september 2012




Invited Lecturers

  • Catherine LOUIS, Paris, France
  • Olga LAPINA, Novossibirsk, Russia
  • Rajeuder VARMA, Cincinnati, USA
  • William Curtis CONNER, Massachussetts, USA
  • José Antonio MAYORAL, Zaragoza, Spain
  • Khaled BELKACEMI, Laval, Canada
  • Frédéric THIBAULT-STARZYK, Caen, France
  • Laurence GALET, Albi, France
  • Frédéric LEROUX, Strasbourg, France
  • Jacques FRAISSARD, Paris, France
  • Didier VILLEMIN, Caen, France


and more than 200 participants. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the International Symposium on Catalysis & Speciality Chemicals ISCSC-2012 and helped to make it a success!