Bioactive Heterocycles





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Group Members


 CHOUKCHOU-BRAHAM Noureddine  Professor, Team Head  
CHEIKH Nawel Professor, U. Béchar
KIBOU Zahira MCA, C.U. Ain Témouchent
BENABDALLAH Mohammed MCB, U. Tlemcen
SARI Lina Public Health Assistant, C.H.U. Tlemcen
DATOUSSAID Yazid MCB, E.S.S.A. Tlemcen
BELHADJ Fatima MAB, U. Oran 1
NOUALI Fatiha Graduate student (4th Y), U.  Tlemcen
BEKRI Sarra Graduate student (4th Y), U.  Tlemcen
MEHIAOUI Nawel Graduate student (1th Y), U.  Tlemcen
TOUATI Youssouf Graduate student (1th Y), U.  Tlemcen



About N. Choukchou-Braham

Noureddine Choukchou-Braham received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Strasbourg - France in 1995. Since then, he is a research professor at the University of Tlemcen. In 2000, he was a founding member of Laboratory of Catalysis and Synthesis in Organic Chemistry (LCSCO). In 2005, he became team leader of chemical mediators and in March 2016 he held the post of director. In November 2015, he joined the University Business Liaison Office (BLEU) and at the same time is a collaborator of the Vice-Rector in charge of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation and Communication and scientific events.