The Nanostructured materials Group

Team led by : Pr. Bendahou Karima



Nom Prénom Position (1) Affiliation (2) email
Bendahou  Karima Enseignant Permanent Université de Tlemcen kzolikha@yahoo.fr
Hamidi  Fatiha Enseignant Permanent Université de Tlemcen fati272001@yahoo.fr
Chaker  Hanane Enseignant Permanent université de Ain Temouchent             hanane.chaker@yahoo.fr
Bouri  Rokia Enseignant Permanent Université de Sidi Bellabes                       hrokie@yahoo.fr
Azzi  Hadjer Enseignant Permanent université de Ain Temouchent catalyse030781@yahoo.fr
Benaissa Sihem Enseignant Permanent ENS-TP ex ENTP benaiss@hotmail.com
Nachet Souad Doctorante Université de Tlemcen ray_ryoja@yahoo.fr
Daoudi Chahrazed Doctorante Université de Tlemcen chahrazedddk@gmail.com
Attar  Allaedine Doctorant université de Ain Temouchent allaeattar7@gmail.com
Drissi  Kenza Doctorante université de Ain Temouchent  


Other Staff:        
Nom Prénom Position (1) Affiliation (2) email
TAFER née MEZIANE Fadhila Assistante Directeur UAB Tlemcen taferfadila@gmail.com
MOKRI Fatéma Zahra Ingénieur UAB Tlemcen mokrifatimazahra@gmail.com
HADJ ABDELKADER Hanane Ingénieur UAB Tlemcen hadjabdelkaderhanane15@gmail.com


Research Area: 

Presently, our research activities are focused on  the synthesis of mesoporous oxides via the following strategies:

- Synthesis by soft template

- Synthesis by hard template (nanocasting)

- Synthesis in strong acidic media by assembly of preformed  MFI precursors with triblock copolymer of the pluronic type (P123) by a two steps procedure

 Different applications are also sought, including:

- Acid catalysis

- Atmospheric pollution treatment:

- VOCs catalytic oxidation,

- Selective catalytic reduction of NO with propylene((HCSCR)

- Production of hydrogen by steam reforming of ethanol

- Water  pollution treatment:

- Photocatalytic oxidation under ultraviolet and simulated solar light irradiation

- Heterogeneous Advanced Photo-Fenton Oxidation

       - Adsorption of  heavy metals 



Selected Publications

17. Total oxidation of toluene over gold supported on mesoporous ferrisilicates materials.  

Int. J. Environment and Pollution. In Press (2016)


16. Adsorption of lead (II) on mesoporous carbon CMK-3 from single, binary and ternary metal aqueous solution.

Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today - vol. 34(2), pp 32-36 (2016)


15. Photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange and real waste-water by silver doped mesoporous TiO2 catalysts. 

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry vol. 318, pp142–149 (2016)


14. Wastewater treatment by cyclodextrin polymers and noble metal/mesoporous TiO2 photocatalysts.

C.R. Chimie 18, pp 23–31(2015)


13. New Nano Silver/Ceria Catalyst For Atmospheric Pollution Treatment.

Nano Vol. 10(3), 1550043(1-7) (2015)


12. Nanocast ordered Mesoporous Ceria as Support for Highly Active Gold Catalysts for Toluene total Oxidation.

International Journal of Chemistry, Vol34(1), pp1131-1137(2013)


11. Heterogeneous Advanced Photo-Fenton Oxidation of Phenolic Aqueous Solutions over Iron-Containing SBA-15 Catalyst.

Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Vol.7 pp797-802 (2013)


10. Total oxidation of toluene over Pd/mesoporous materials catalysts.

Chimica oggi/Chemistry Today vol. 30(4)  (2012).


9. Synthesis of mesoporous Chromium silicates molecular sieves in strong acidic media by assembly of preformed CrS1 precursors with triblock copolymer.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Vol 5(2) p177 (2011)


8. Benzoylation of anisole catalyzed by Ga/SBA-15 Supported on carbon nanofibers composite (C-NFC). 

Catalysis Communications Vol. 12(9), p790 (2011)


7. The effect of the use of lanthanum-doped mesoporous SBA-15 on the performance of Pt/SBA-15 and Pd/SBA-15 catalysts for total oxidation of toluene.

Applied Catalysis A: General 351, p82–87 (2008)


6. Benzoylation of anisole catalysed by Ga/SBA-15 supported on β-SiC.

 Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis Vol 174, Part 2, pp 1307-1310 (2008)


5. One-pot synthesis of GaSBA-15: Activity comparison with Ga-post-treated SBA-15 catalysts.

Applied Catalysis A: General. vol 31, p219 (2007)


4. Ga doped SBA-15 as an active and stable catalyst for Friedel-Crafts liquid phase acylation.

Applied Catalysis A: General. vol 298, p194 (2006)


3. GaSBA-15: a new and active Friedel-Crafts acylation catalyst.

Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis. vol 158, p1413 (2005)


2. Structural evolution of calcium or Lanthanum-exchanged (NH4)2SiF6-dealuminated Y   zeolite after various chemical treatments.

Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis. vol154, p1418 (2004)


1. Structural evolution of calcium –exchanged (NH4)2SiF6 –dealuminated-Y Zeolite after various chemical treatments.

Colloids and surfaces A: physicochem.eng.aspects, vol 220, p83 (2003)


Group members:

K. Bendahou : Assistant Professor A

Z.Baïliche : Assistant Professor B

H. Azzi: Assistant Professor B

R. Bouri : Assistant Professor B

F. Hamidi: Assistant Professor B

M. Elouchdi: PhD student

A. Ziouèche: PhD student

S.Benaïssa: PhD student

H. Chaker : PhD student

N. Nachet: PhD student


 About Leila Cherif - Aouali

Prof. Leïla Chérif–Aouali  received her diploma in chemical engineering  from Polytechnic School of Algiers in 1983 and her Ph.D in Applied chemical kinetics from  Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris. After that, she joined the University of Tlemcen (Algeria). Presently, she focuses her research activities on  the synthesis of mesoporous oxides and their applications in acid catalysis, atmospheric pollution treatment, production of hydrogen by steam reforming of ethanol and water  pollution treatment. She has published several papers in peer reviewed journals.