National Contest for access to the third cycle of training 2017/2018


The University of Tlemcen, Sciences Faculty, Chemistry Dpt organize national Contest for access to the third cycle of training 

The pre-registration form printed from https://www.univ-tlemcen.dz/app-form-doc-2017 must be signed and submitted with the following folder:

  • Handwritten application stating the PhD option (including the mobile number and the email address)
  • Motivation Letter(including the mobile number and the email address)
  • Copy of the National Identity Card
  • Copy of the Baccalaureate
  • Certified copies of diplomas: Licence, Master
  • Transcripts: 1st and 2nd cycle (Licence, Master 1, Master 2)
  • Copy of the descriptive annex Diploma Master (authenticated by the Original University for those coming from other Universities (Not University of Tlemcen)).
  • Master program (specialties not from University of Tlemcen)
  • 02 ID photos
  • 02 stamped envelopes labeled with the candidate's address
  • Authorization of the employer organization for employees candidates

Incomplete files will be automatically rejected.

Applications must be submitted directly to the Vice Dean of Post-graduation of the faculty at the latest the date indicated above.

Only candidates selected after files study will be convened by posting on the website of the University of Tlemcen and the website of the LCSCO Lab.