Master's Defence


The applied chemistry Master 2 students will defend their master's project on 18-19 june 2017, in amphitheater 6 of the Sciences Faculty. 

Sunday, June 18th, 2017  

9H30 Belkadi
9H55 Tabet
10H20      Larabi
10H45  Chelihi
11H10 Cherif Benmoussa
11H35 Guitouni
12H00 Dib
12H25 Guellil L
12H50 Zidouri
13H15 Benazza
13H40 Boucherif



Monday, June 19th, 2017 

9H30 Benosmane
9H55 Manseri
10H20      Ouari
10H45  Bouayad
11H10 Guellil M
11H35 Bensmaine
12H00 Keche 
12H25 Selka
12H50 Chibani